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New Black Cat Birthday Card Design

Hello. I have always had a thing for black cats, pretending as a child that I lived in a jungle and my black (and white) cat was a panther! I was never one for playing with dolls, for me it was cuddly toys and a huge affection for animals.

I have never got why it is so hard to find homes for these beautiful black cats. Is it the myth that they are unlucky? Well I can tell you they are NOT unlucky and if you are ever lucky enough to be a slave to one you will be mesmerised by their beauty.

This week I have been working on a new black cat birthday card. It was inspired by a simple photograph I took of a friends black cat Georgie. He is looking rather inquisitive with his little tongue peeking out and it made me think cake! It doesn't take much to make me think cake, hahaha.

This design will be on the next print run in April 2018.

All my cards are printed in the UK and on board from sustainable sources made in the UK.

Please take a look in my ebay shop, I have a store on this site but for some reason I get little or no orders from it. This is why I have now launched an ebay store. See link below

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