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Are you looking to buy Maine Coon birthday cards online?

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

I love cats, I love everything about them and they are indeed the whole reason I started to design these unique cards. Fed up of seeing the same old designs in all the shops! Trying to find a good greeting card is often hard, this is because they are all so generic and the designers are often dictated to buy the buyers from the big store because they want cards that will sell to everyone. I know my cards only appeal to a niche market but that is what I like.

I love that when I sell a card I can have dialog with the end buyer direct, they will message me personally to say how much they love their card or how much their mum, sister or dad will love it.

There is only me at Juniper Love Greetings, I do it all. The designs, the artwork, source the print, do the packing, promoting, run and design the website and all the social media networking. I am doing it all, one card at a time!

This gorgeous card is the start of my Maine Coon cat collection and is already proving to be a favourite, so watch this space because there will be more.

I am always looking for new models so if you have a photograph of your Maine Coon cat please feel free to email it to me at

Subscribing to my website is a good idea so you will get updates and offers as and when they arise.

Thank you for reading.

Much love as always,

Louise Marie xx

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