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Greetings cards for Cat lovers!

Its no surprise to anyone that I have a particular soft spot for cats and kittens! I have just created this new tuxedo kitten greeting card to add to my ever growing collection of some of the best cat design birthday and greetings cards in the UK. This is a great card for any black and white cat or kitten lover and is gender neutral, perfect for young children.

In the collection at the moment there is...

  • HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY - First birthday card for all friends and family

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Kitten Birthday Card for all friends and family

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIECE - Niece Birthday Card

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEPHEW - Nephew Birthday Card

  • BLANK CARD - For any occasion or recipient or great framed for a babies nursery or Childs bedroom

Photograph shows - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

150 x 150 mm square greeting card + envelope

Delivered to your door for only £2.50

Designed and Printed on FSC Certified Board in the UK

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